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The Clarendon Pub

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The Clarendon Pub

25 Years

Providing the highest quality of food and service since 1934

Excelsior main street dolor courses.

We aim to serve you the finest Argentinian steak, cut to order & cooked exactly the way you want it. All our steaks are served with a choice of steakhouse fries, mashed potato or mixed green salad.

smoked salmon

Alder-smoked Alaska sockeye salmon, lightly dressed with Greek yogurt, lemon zest, capers and dill, iceberg, tomato, crisp pepper bacon and avocado. Served on toasted french loaf with Alaska grown potato chips

Pub Landlord

Originally classically trained in French cooking techniques, our Chefs enthusiastically experiments with flavours, texture and colour.


The Clarendon Pub


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Offering specialized foods of popular tastes