Tuesday 16th April / Call my Quaff…Wine Tasting Competition


The Clarendon Presents a “Come Wine with me” event called “CALL MY QUAFF” Wine Tasting Competition on Tuesday 16th April.

A light-hearted blind-tasting competition organised by The Clarendon and Enotria World Wine. and hosted by Enotria’s own Wine Expert Tim Hollis-Carroll.

The event is for teams of three people and follows the format of TV’s “Call My Bluff” panel game.

Each round a nominated amount of glasses of wine are poured and then it is the contestants job to match the wine with the description your host Tim gives you. Note, you will not be given grape varieties, and countries of origin, but descriptions of the taste of the wine to match, i.e. Ripe, fresh fruit aromas of peach & melon precede a round juicy palate packed with tropical and citrus flavours.
This therefore means that any novice can take part as we are only testing your sense of taste, not your knowledge of wines. There will be additional prizes for anybody who can guess the grape variety and country of origin as well.
One description is the correct one for the wine in the glass, the others are totally false and full of red herrings.
The contestants have to taste and then pick which description matches the wine in the glass.
The winners will be the team that matches the most wines to the correct descriptions.
Like any event at The Clarendon, the primary goal is having a good time, and we intend you and us to have just that.

If you are interested in entering a team please call in at the bar and pick up an application form or email ben@theclarendonpub.com. The entry fee is £20 per team, with all profits going to Myton Hospice.
There will be a range of Prizes, all alcoholic on offer for an array of achievements as well as a Top Prize provided by Enotria for winning the competition.

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