Bill Zygmant Exhibition at The Clarendon

Bill’s passion for Photography started at an early age seeing press photographers on newsreels photographing film stars..
In 1962 he joined a Fleet Street picture agency where he soon made lots of contacts, then in 1966 he went freelance, photographing music and show business stars including the BeeGees, Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan, Mary Hopkins and the Beatles, with his work being regularly published in the Musical Express, Billboard, Picture Post as well as british national newspapers and magazines. Bill took the first pictures of John Lennon and Yoko Ono seen together months before the official announcement of their relationship in public at the opening of John Crittles Apple Tailoring Boutique.

Many of Bill’s most iconic pictures are exhibited at The Clarendon. All prints are available in a vareity of sizes and come framed and signed.

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